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Dr Claire Milligan

Clinical Psychologist, DPsych (Clin)

6/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen, Victoria 

Phone: 0466 307 739

Fax: 03 8686 1431 

Who We Are

Dr Claire Milligan, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Claire Milligan is a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years  experience in both the public and private sectors.  She sees adolescents and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and  trauma issues, amongst others.   Dr Milligan is trained in CBT, ACT and trauma-informed care, and aims to work collaborative with clients in a compassionate and caring manner. 

 Dr Milligan sees private client and clients under Mental Health Care  Plans, WorkCover, TAC and Victims of Crime.


She is also a registered Clinical Psychology Supervisor and is happy to be contacted by those seeking supervision

Our Treatment Focus

Dr Milligan, Clinical Psychologist, can help with a wide variety of mental health issues, including:

  • Depression and other mood disorders, including Post-Natal Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Grief, Loss and Trauma Work
  • Self-esteem and self-worth

Why Choose a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical psychologists are trained in the assessment and diagnosis of mental illnesses & psychological problems.  They work collaboratively to treat a wide variety of clients

Clinical psychologists use a range of techniques and therapies to treat mental health disorders. They hold particular skills to solve complex clinical psychology problems requiring individually-tailored treatment.

Our Therapy

Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through psychological therapy and treatment, psychologists are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 

Grief, Loss & Trauma

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. Psychologists can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 

Self-Esteem & Self-Worth

Self-esteem is an individual's subjective evaluation of their own  worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself as well as  emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame. 

Psychologists can help you discover the origins of these evaluations and beliefs and work on increasing your psychological flexibility around these concepts

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Maple Leaf Psychology

Suite 6, 101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen Victoria 3754, Australia

Phone: 0466 307 739 Fax: 03 8686 1431


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